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Joseph Decuis Wagyu

Wagyu is arguably the finest tasting, healthiest beef in the world, and Joseph Decuis is the only restaurant in the United States raising our own Wagyu with traditional Japanese husbandry practices — all natural, humane, drug-free, stress-free.

Japanese Beef

Wagyu can literally be translated to mean Japanese beef — “wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means beef. It is a breed of cattle native to Japan and is considered a Japanese national treasure. This is the breed that produces the world-renowned Kobe beef. There are many legends and myths surrounding Wagyu cattle. Are they really massaged and given beer as part of their diets? These practices may or may not be true, but it is a fact that there is much secrecy surrounding this breed. Japanese Wagyu farmers closely guard many of their husbandry practices, as they compete to produce the highest quality beef in Japan.

Raised with traditional Japanese husbandry practices

We are indebted to Mr. Shogo Takeda, the legendary Japanese Wagyu Master. We are honored to have acquired his genetics he perfected in Japan over six decades. We strictly employ his husbandry practices on our farm. Our Wagyu are raised in an all-natural, drug-free, stress-free humane environment, finished with Mr. Takeda's special Japanese vegetarian diet. The process of creating superior quality Wagyu takes time and love. Wagyu require almost twice the amount of time to finish compared to traditional commercial cattle. On our farm, we raise two types of Wagyu — full-blooded Wagyu and Wagyu crossed with Angus. Both provide exceptional quality and taste, and exceed the USDA highest grade of Prime.

Why did we choose to raise Wagyu?

Years ago, Wagyu was featured on our menu as an experiment. We were blown away by its tenderness and great taste! So, we embarked on a journey to learn more. This journey ultimately took us to Japan, where we met the legendary Japanese Wagyu farmer, Mr. Shogo Takeda.

Mr. Takeda is an extraordinary individual whose vision is to share his Wagyu genetics with the world. We acquired Mr. Takeda's genetics, and he taught us his closely guarded secrets of raising Wagyu. Under his tutelage, we designed our farm facilities in the Japanese style. We strictly employee Mr. Takeda’s husbandry practices, and are honored to follow in the footsteps of the Wagyu Master.

Why does Wagyu cost more than other beef?

Wagyu has only been available in the United States since the mid-1970s and authentic Wagyu remains a scarce commodity in America. While less than two percent of all beef raised in the United States meets the USDA quality of “Prime,” virtually 100% of Wagyu raised on the Joseph Decuis farm exceeds "Prime."

To produce this superior beef in an all-natural, drug-free manner, it takes two to three times longer to raise and finish Wagyu as compared to commercial cattle. Time and love are necessary for raising world-class Wagyu. While the consumer may pay more, authentic Wagyu is the choice of beef connoisseurs and is best enjoyed in small servings like one would enjoy a fine wine. Joseph Decuis Wagyu is a "world-class culinary experience."

How to learn more about Wagyu:

There are many secrets and misconceptions surrounding Wagyu. Joseph Decuis is committed to educating the public about the "real" story of Wagyu.