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Welcome to our Farm 2 Fork Dinners!

Our farm is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the world around us – especially in the summer when the trees totally surround the inner sanctum of the farm.  So many times, visitors to the farm for our events express their disbelief that there is such a quiet calm here with civilization lurking only a few miles away.  It is the perfect location for an alfresco dinner – one that we call the quintessential Farm to Fork experience and yes, it is amazing.


We started the restaurant Joseph Decuis in 2000 and created the organic garden in 2001 to supply the kitchen with the freshest possible organic vegetables.  In 2005, our sommelier at the time asked for permission to host an organic wine dinner at the restaurant, and I told her, “No.   An organic wine dinner should be held in the organic garden…ha, ha.” To which she replied, “Do you really mean that?”  With my quick reply which was meant to be a joke, I hadn’t really thought about it.  This may be the garden for the restaurant, but this is also our home.  I remember a moment of severe panic and with a big gulp decided to give it a try.  If it didn’t work out, we didn’t have to do it here again, right?  Needless to say, we loved it and so did everyone at the dinner and we have continued this tradition of wine dinners on the farm for what will be 20 years with this week’s dinner.

The dinners are fun!  Live music, multi-coursed, served on white tablecloths with flowers from the farm decorating the tables, they take place outside under the pavilion on our farm where the vegetables are grown and the Wagyu beef is raised.  Occasionally they have taken place in the barn or in the carriage barn if weather is an issue, but they are still beautiful and an experience to remember.  This year there are five courses of dinner matched with wines; appetizers served with a welcome cocktail and an intermezzo to cleanse the palate mid-dinner.  We offer wagon tours of the farm to see the Wagyu “on the hoof” and guests are welcome to wander the gardens to see what is growing and blooming. 


We are honored at this year’s Farm to Fork to feature Anthonij Rupert wines from South Africa.  We were so impressed with these wines, we wanted to share them.  This amazing farm raises Wagyu like we do, but also truffles and wine.  What an incredible farming combination!  We love their wines.  Very rich, very beautiful, and luscious, created on an exceedingly gorgeous farm in South Africa.  You can learn more about them on-line.


These are dinners like ones you dream about.  Granted, we are not perched on some seaside beach or mountainous cliff as some, but we are here in a little piece of God’s country called Indiana, where life is good and delicious.  Come join us!