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SUPER BOWL - Chiefs or 49’ers?

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY 2024  -  49’ers vs. Chiefs

YOU ARE THE WINNER! It's going to be a great game.

So, I was looking for a photo on my phone (that can hold WAY too many images by the way) to highlight the Emporium’s offerings for Superbowl Sunday.  I searched for “football” knowing full well that I haven’t been to any football games in forever, but I was desperate for an image to use. Up pops a photo of a letter that was sent to my dad at college that I had wanted to preserve.  No date, but it must have been sent late in the year 1950 since he graduated in ’51.  

The San Francisco 49’ers wanted to know if he was interested in playing professional football, and if so, would he consider San Francisco.  They were…”just asking.”  WOWZA Dad! That is so cool! 



Well, here we are, headed to Superbowl Sunday in just over a week.  The 49’ers are in AND so are the Kansas City Chiefs, dad’s favorite team once the Cardinals left St. Louis.  Hmmmm.  The 49’ers and the Chiefs.  What a match up for my dad - he would have loved it!   I have to stop and wonder who he would have rooted for.  The team that potentially wanted to sign him or the semi-local team he was a fan of.

Though Dad would have been happy just watching the game with a 6 pack of Bud and whatever to munch on, his daughter is not.  My favorite is a platter of charcuterie that everyone can enjoy and choose their favorites while they watch the game, especially when the meats are Wagyu.  My husband Pete is all about that Wagyu chili, his personal favorite.  Our daughter, Hilary, is looking forward to the spinach/kale dip because she raised those vegetables herself on our farm (along with the Wagyu) and then, as you know, you can never go wrong with wings.  All great choices to watch a great game with – and it’s going to be a zinger. 

Hustle and get your order in by Wednesday, February 7.  260-672-1715.

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AND, for anyone wondering, dad did not play professional football though he played a lot in the Army where he was stationed.  The Korean War was raging at the time and rather than be drafted, he enlisted.  While most of his buds were sent to Korea, he was sent to Germany because the world was extremely worried that Russia was going to cross the border and attack Europe.  My artillerist dad was ready.   The irony is that the day he passed away, was the day that Russia did indeed cross that border and attack Europe, into Ukraine. 

So go Chiefs!  Go 49’ers! We are looking forward to a great game with some great eats and great memories as well.

(I’ve included a family photo from about 1970.  I have an identical photo with mom instead of dad because they took turns taking the photograph.  I’m the one with the mittens. :)

Cheering both teams on!