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Indiana Shrimp?

Okay, get your head wrapped around this one...fresh, delicious, locally grown shrimp in Indiana.  Really?  YES!  Less than 10 miles from the farm - 5 from the restaurant - the Meyer family has expanded their Indiana farming operation to include Pacific White Shrimp.  Really!

Their barn, on the edge of their Indiana corn and bean field, is filled with above ground pools, water continually circulating through them.  The warmth and humidity hits you as you enter - feels great on a chilly day.  I thought it would smell fishy but it doesn't at all.  The color of the water makes you wonder at first, but the high salinity levels make it darker in color, and those shrimp grow!

The baby shrimp arrive at about 1 week of age.  Small and almost transparent, it takes the shrimp 2-3 months to grow to a desirable size.  Another month for perfection.  As they are harvested with hand-held nets, the shrimp are immediately dunked into ice water for a fast humane kill - and to keep them, fresh.

You can be home eating them in less than an hour.  It doesn't get any fresher!

And then of course they are even better with a Wagyu steak for some surf and turf!  You'll have to stop by the Emporium for your Wagyu on the way home.

The 3 Roots Shrimp Farm is open for walk-in business Thursdays and Fridays from noon until 5pm, Saturdays from 9am-noon or by appointment.  Their phone number is 260-344-1625.  They are located just off of Route 9.  Their address:  1318 W. 1100 North; Huntington, IN.

The following link is to the Joseph Decuis Youtube channel where we've posted a video of the 3 Roots Farm and their shrimp.  We hope you enjoy their shrimp at the restaurant or in your home.  They're delicious.