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A Beautiful Evening

There is a sense of magic out on the farm during our dinners and events. I can't explain it. The stars twinkle brighter and the air is sweeter.  Our July Farm to Fork Dinner last week  was one of those events. The gardens were lush and full, teeming with produce: leafy greens, crisp colorful carrots and beets, and the tomatoes were just on the verge of turning ripe. The farm was fresh with abundance and promise. Maybe it's a sense of returning to our roots and connecting to our "herbivoric" beginnings - reconnecting with the earth around us and our food. I don't know, but whatever it is - it was an incredible experience.

The menu was 6 courses including hors d'oeuvres, and matched with wines. Almost everything on the menu was from the farm: squash blossoms, peas, chive flowers, lettuce, kale, and more - all from our gardens! Add to that the proteins; Mangalitsa pork - tournedos and cracklings; and the coup d'etat - Wagyu beef strip loin.  Unbelievable! Tomatoes not ripe yet? That's okay, let's use the green ones and fry them.  All of this goodness cooked outside at the farm over grill and open fire was enjoyed with that sweet evening breeze and bonfires blazing. An amazing dinner...I heard it was, "The best Thursday ever!"  Thanks.

Here's the menu and photos:

If you are interested in attending a dinner, we have another one scheduled for October 6, but you will need to book soon. If you can't wait? We have two farm events coming up and I hope you can join us for one of those.

TWIST & SHOUT - Friday, July 29

The Mersey Beatles from Liverpool, England, perform as a fundraiser for the Troy Center School serving Northeast Indiana. This amazing organization caters to young men and women wanting to graduate high school, who may have ambitions of going on for more education, but need that extra help to help them succeed. Reservations are required through the school's website and they have more information about their organization there too.  

WINEFEST  -  Saturday, July 30

A new Joseph Decuis event partnering with some scrumptious wines from Southern France, Gérard Bertrand.  I love that their logo says L'art de Vivre - the art of living - and so let's live well! We will have multiple stations to sample our farm fresh foods matched with their incredible wines. AND if that is not enough goodness going, we will be enjoying the live jazz of the Kevin Piekarshi trio and our beautiful farm.