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Savoring September’s Bounty

Date: September 26th
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
*Reservations Required

Opening the restaurant for Fridays and Saturdays only, we are offering a new format for now featuring Chef's Tasting Dinners that highlight all the goodness from our gardens and farm.  The 5 course tasting menus will change each weekend - so keep an eye out for your favorite - or try them all.  The price is $100 per person with an option for wines matched to each course by our sommelier for $35 or choose your own wine or favorite drink to accompany your meal. 

September 4 & 5 - FAMILY FAVORITES and offering mint juleps in honor of the running of the Kentucky Derby

September 11 & 12  -  HOOSIER "SUNDAY" SUPPER an Indiana feast that ups Grandma's

September 18 - FALL FARM TO FORK our glorious dinner on the farm  (SOLD OUT)

September 19 - FALL FARM TO FORK variations on Friday's dinner and served at the restaurant

September 25 & 26  -  BELISSIMO RISTORANTE and evening in Italy in Roanoke 

Our beautiful courtyard is open for outside dining or if you choose to dine in, our tables are fully spaced apart and our staff is very conscientous.  We will be wearing our masks - and we ask you to wear yours upon entering and leaving.

I know I needed a nice dinner - with careful service and delicious foods and I hope you are ready for that too!  Reservations are required with the availability for a limited number of people.  Our beautiful courtyard is a perfect COVID dining area.  Please specify if you would like to be seated outside. We are offering a 6:00pm seating with the first course being served at 6:30.  Come earlier if you wish to cocktail before dinner and we look forward to seeing you here. 

We regret that we have had to implement a cancellation policy for the restaurant.  When making a reservation we now require a credit card number with a minimum 24 hour notice of cancellation to avoid a $50 fee.  Thank you for your understanding.


Event Menu

MENU  9/4 & 5  -  Family Favorites

1st   Pan Con Tomate (Tomato Bread)

2nd  Vernale layered salad of fried eggplant, tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic reduction

3rd  Farm Vegetable Succotash  Farro, Summer Squash, Chantrelle Mushrooms, Green Beans, Peppers, Scallions, Cured Lardo

4th  Wagyu Milanese  Sirloin Center Cut, Farm Tomato/Coriander Sauce, Cherry Tomatoes, Pickled Green Beans & Sport Peppers, Parmesan, Garlic Scape Capers

5th  Husk Cherry Olive Oil Cake  Goat Cheese Ice Cream, Husk Cherry Jam, Olive Oil Powder, Thyme


MENU 9/11 & 12  -  Hoosier "Sunday" Supper

1st   Jalapeno Cornbread  Honey Butter

 2nd  Farm Green Bean Casserole   Morel Mushroom Gravy, Local Oyster Mushrooms, Crispy Onions

 3rd  Wagyu Meatloaf   Caramelized Onion, Whipped Potato, Ketchup Glaze

 4th  Gunthrop Stuffed Pork Loin   Local Apples, Mirepoix, Stuffing, Pork Jus

 5th  Indiana Apple Crisp  Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream - of course!


MENU 9/19 - Farm to Fork at the Restaurant

1st   Slow Cooked Squash Focaccia

2nd  Plat-o Tomat-o   Farm Tomato, Burrata Cheese, Lemon, Olive Oil

3rd  Sumac Roasted Carrots  Crème Fraiche, Dukkah, Cilantro, Scallions

4th  Smoked Wagyu Shawarma  Farm Eggplant Puree, Pita, Cucumber, Pickled Shishito, Sunflower Shoots

5th  Polenta Cake Indiana Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Farm Red Pepper Jam, Caramel Corn


MENU 9/25 & 26  -  Bellisimo Ristorante a dinner in Italy in Roanoke

1st  Farm Vegetables  Bagna Cauda 

2nd   Coriander & Fennel Crusted Tuna   Marinated Tomatoes, Farm Fennel, Herb Oil, Chili Oil

3rd   Rotolo Cacio E Pepe  House Black Pepper Rico-a Rolled Pasta, Parmesan Cream Sauce, Cured Egg Yolk, Fried Sage

4th   Pork Sugo  Confit Mangalitsa, Tomato, Hazelnuts, Pappardelle

5th   Sfogliatella  (filled pastry from Southern Italy also known as "lobster tail")  Local Honey, Marscapone, Cinnamon