Dining Out - At Home: THE RESTAURANT is open MOST weekends, Thursday, Friday, Saturday unless theres an event at the farm. .. . . . RESERVATIONS 260-672-1715; The August dinner menu is on the website. Select restaurant scroll to menu link. .........EMPORIUM is open Tuesday -Sat 10a-5:30p . . . for our most current LUNCH MENU & lunch/carryout dinner menu .. CLICK HERE!!!.

Reservation Policy & Hours of operation

Joseph Decuis Restaurant hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings -  reservations recommended

****Please call ahead as hours of operation may change when having special events.

Please call 260-672-1715 for reservations or inquiries

 Upcoming restaurant  closings: September 10, 11,16,23,24,25


Emporium Hours week of September  5th-11th :

Closed Mon- Wed  

OPEN: Thursday 9th  &  Friday 10th 10:00-5:30 kitchen closes at 2:30

OPEN: Saturday 11th 10:00- 3:00 kitchen closes at 2:30

Emporium Hours week of Sept 12th-18th

Closed 12th and 13th

 Open: Tuesday 14th 10:00 -5:30 kitchen closes at 2:00

Open: Wednesday 15th 10:00-5:30 kitchen closes at 2:00

Open:Thursday 16th 10:00-2:30 kitchen closes at 2:00

Open: Friday 17th 10:00- 3:00 kitchen closes at 2:00

 Open:Saturday 18th 10:00- 4:00 Kitchen closes at 2:00