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Dedicated to the timeless tradition of great food and fine dining

Since 1720, when our ancestor Joseph Decuis' grandfather came to America, people ate only what they hunted, bartered for, raised, or bought from someone nearby. Their food traveled from the farm to the kitchen to the plate. Food was a pleasure in their lives; fresh, natural, healthy, seasonal and delicious. Meals were enjoyed around a table in good company. But something changed after World War II. In our fast paced, fast food, factory farm world, the quality of food and the pleasure of dining have suffered. We are dedicated to keeping the timeless tradition of great food and fine dining alive.

We credit our love of great food and fine dining to the influence of Joseph Decuis (pronounced day-QUEEZ). He lived in a time where his table was blessed with food from his farm, and dining was the stage for the bonding of family, friends and business associates. Our logo is an artful depiction of his signature as it appeared on his last will and testament in 1822.

Six generations later, we believe in this family tradition so much we started our own farm to fork experience. Today our restaurant, and the prepared foods we create in our kitchen, feature the natural products we raise on our farm. From the farm to our kitchen to your plate, Joseph Decuis is a celebration of this timeless tradition -- great food and fine dining -- one of life's true pleasures.