The WOW of Wagyu

One picture is worth a thousand words - a video even more.  

We take our food very seriously, especially our Wagyu.  This Japanese National treasure is the most glorious beef - sought after around the world by beef connoisseurs.  Its incredible taste blew us away 12 years ago when we first tried it and the next thing I knew, I had 20 pregnant heifers for a birthday present.  We now have around 150 Wagyu that we carefully and lovingly raise on our farm and serve in our restaurants.

I'd like to share a link to our Youtube channel.  This video shows our chef Adam House preparing a Wagyu fullblood ribeye with the videography by Kyle Miron, Frontiersman Media.  Without a single word, I think these pictures will speak thousands of words to you as well.  It certainly gets my mouth watering.  Thank you Adam & Kyle.

 I am still incredibly wowed by this beef!