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WAGYU - A podcast with everything you want to know about Wagyu - right here! 

This incredible beef called Wagyu.  What is it? Why is it so special?  There is an abundance of half knowledge (and half fiction) about it; so many misconceptions, misunderstandings and myths that it’s hard to really know and understand what it is and why it’s so special.

First, Wagyu is a breed of cattle, like Angus or Holstein, but the Wagyu originated in Japan.  It is so amazing, that it is a Japanese National Treasure and we are honored to raise it on our farm.  Genetically predisposed to create marbling in the muscle, it is that marbling that gives it the bounty of flavor and tenderness that it is known for. 


Wagyu is revolutionizing beef in the world.

Following at the end is a link to a podcast that has more Wagyu that you never knew you didn’t know!

We started raising Wagyu in November of 2004.  It’s a date one doesn’t forget when you receive 20 pregnant heifers for a milestone birthday like I did.  In the past almost 20 years, we’ve learned a lot and met many people.  We’ve made new friends all over the world and look forward to continue making many more.  As we’ve grown, so has our understanding and knowledge of Wagyu.  At the same time, the world’s awareness of Wagyu has grown exponentially.

At Joseph Decuis, we have the unique ability to not only raise the Wagyu, but see the end results on the plate in our restaurant.  We feel complimented when we hear, “I tried Wagyu somewhere else and it wasn’t as good as yours.” There are reasons for that and in the following podcast, you will learn why Wagyu can be so different.

My husband, Pete, (the generous man who gave me cows for my birthday), has taken his involvement in Wagyu to the next level by serving as Board Member and past President of the American Wagyu Association (AWA), first Chairman of the World Wagyu Council an association made up of global Wagyu breed associations and again, recently elected to a new term on the AWA Board.

Pete was recently interviewed on a podcast and it was so informative, I wanted to share it with more people.  As I listened, I thought, “now I know everything about Wagyu.  The host Desi and Pete covered it all!” But I found out, the more I listened, there is much more.  So much more.  This is a great intro into the world of Wagyu.

About Desi Cicales, the host of this podcast.  She raises Wagyu in Alabama, (note the accent :) and has incredible passion for the breed.  She treats her Wagyu like pets.  They are family.  She is profoundly knowledgeable and she created the Triple Crown Steak Challenge which is an annual steak competition for the “Best Beef in America”.  This podcast is part of a series which you can find on her website:  There is so much more to learn! 

Bon Appetit to your ears!    THE PODCAST LINK!! – right here!