Date: March 9th
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
*Reservations Required

Dinner for the daring! (or so say the not-so-daring eaters).  Actually we have goodies these nights for you both.  We have such delectable goodies as Wagyu tongue; Mangalitsa face; bone marrow; squid ink; pork fat ice cream.  Where else are you going to get a menu like this?!?!?! 

The 5 course "Foodies Only" menu is $75 per person but items are available a la carte as well - as long as they last.

For the squeamish, we have our not-so-daring menu, so you can bring a date and still get along at the end of the evening.  AND be casual.  No need to dress up - unless you want!  We want you to come & enjoy.


Event Menu


 Fried Mangalitsa Face: Farm Egg, Sambal, Chicharrons


Squid Ink Risotto: Langoustine


 Bone Marrow Wonton Pho: Farm Herbs


Slow Roasted Wagyu Tongue: New Orleans Crayfish


Pork Fat Ice Cream:Stone Fruit