Culinary Industry Night

Date: August 28th
Time: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Northeast Indiana has some incredible food -  we are so much more than corn!  We live in one of the few breadbaskets in the world and we have alot to celebrate.  We invite the other restaurants and culinary workers in the area to join us in a celebration of what our state (specifically northeast Indiana) has to offer. 

The restaurant industry recently lost an icon, Ella Brennan, who in New Orleans reshaped their restaurant industry into a total food mecca.  Can we do that here in Indiana?  Who knows - but let's start a dialogue.  Let's start networking and appreciating what this area has to offer.  We hope to see you here.  We hope to offer more of these gatherings.  Come see!

Reservations are not required - but helpful.  Menu changes weekly depending on what is fresh from the farm.


Event Menu

MENU  -  August 7

Grilled Cucumbers - Aleppo chili, house creme fraiche, salsa verde, sunflower seeds    8

Chilled Louisiana Shrimp - black garlic aioli    12

Tyluda "Big 'A' Tostada - avocado, chicken, house kimchi, corn     16

Ricotta Gnocchi - Sunday gravy, Tuscan house salami, farm basil    14

Summer Squash Toast  -  slow cooked squash, farm basil, house ricotta, Teds Market sourdough     8\

Gage's Skewers  -  grilled curry marinated Wagyu, house pita, cucumber riatta, cilantro marinated onions    14

Breakfast - fried potato, Wagyu bacon, fried farm egg, hollandaise, chili oil    15

Wagyu Dumplings - scallions, ginger, XO sauce, house kimchi     13

Charcuterie - house cured meats, local cheese, accompaniments    20