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Celebrating Romance at Home

Date: February 12th - February 14th
Time: 4:28 pm - 4:28 pm
*Reservations Required

We have two special ways to celebrate Valentines Day at home with us.

An Elegant Dinner for Two**  A very special meal for two delivered to your home.*  This sumptuous repast features: 12oz. 100% Wagyu Strip Loin ready to finish off; our housemade A-1 and Demi-Glace Sauces; Farm Fresh Green Salad with Vinaigrette; Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Parker Rolls with our made in-house Cultured Butter; and a delectable treat for dessert - a Black Forest Cake (chocolate & cherries a must for Valentines!)  Dinner is ready to warm or finish and it comes with easy to finish instructions.  

*$325 plus tax and $20 delivery fee within a 25 mile radius from the restaurant.  If you are further away and would like delivery, please call. Delivery times at this time: Saturday between 3-5pm and Sunday 2-4pm.


"Between the Sheets" Lasagna**   We call our housemade lasagna Knock Your Sox Off because it's so good with our farm-raised 100% Wagyu and made in-house Ricotta.  We decided to offer this for a Valentines Day meal for two and include a Farm Fresh Salad, Vinaigrette, Cheesy Bread and add some luscious Chocolate Forest Brownies because chocolate on Valentines Day is a definitely a must.  This is available by pre-order from our Emporium with pick-up on Friday or Saturday between 10am and 6pm.  

*$45 plus tax.  Let us know if you prefer curbside and we will bring it out.  

**ADD ON A WINE  We are featuring a bottle of a very yummy Sangiovese called Villa Valentina.  $18 - Of course only for those 21 and up.  Or we have a nice selection of wines if you would like to chose your own.